Many thousands of years ago, the first force-sensitives settled the planet Tython. This world, hidden deep within the Galactic core was possessed a deep connection to the force with both light and dark existed in perpetual harmony.

The early Je'daii order understood the necessity of maintaining the balance between these two opposing forces as a path to truly unlocking the secrets of The Force. Many sub-sects grew out of those who sought, challenged, questioned and quested in the name of The Unifying Force. The Knights of Stonewall was one such sect that grew within the order. Its Cardinal tenet was "Strength in Diversity," and as the Je'daii order grew so too did the Stonewall Knights and they were honored, respected and venerated as one of the oldest, fairest and most powerful of the knight orders.

For all its might and wisdom, Stonewall too fell victim to the 1st and 2nd Great Schisms of the Jedi order, giving rise to a rival sect within the ranks of the ancient Sith Empire who called themselves The Lords of Stonewall. Progressive by Sith Imperial standards, this order embraced diversity as a source of strength, even accepting many aliens and non-Force sensitives into their ranks while campaigning for equality and social reform within the Empire.

Both orders have fought valiantly and ruthlessly in The Great Galactic Civil War. Now, with the emergence of the Empire of The Eternal Throne, these orders must put aside ages-old differences and band together to throw off the tyrannous yoke of the Immortal Emperor Valkorion and his evil children.

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